L’Oreal True match le blush

Hey hey and I’m back again with another blog post. So I’m finally getting the hang of this and I’m completely in awe that I’m managing to write blog posts and prioritize what I need to do in the day. So I’m going to stop babbling and get straight into this review!

So lately I have been reaching out for this L’Oreal le blush. Please note I have purchased this blush over a year ago and it is still in good condition. I siply forgot about this since I have been using newer blush products but I’m glad I finally rediscovered this product again.

So one of the reasons I purchased this product is because it was non-comedogenic. It’s also an oil free product which my skin seems to work well with.

This blush comes in several colors which claims to match every skintone being either warm, cool or neutral.

What I like most about this product is the packaging. It comes in a compact size that has a brush and mirror making this product very convenient to use when traveling or when one is on a rush.

This product seems to give my skin a healthy glow which is what I look forward to when using blush products.

For me, this product gets a 10/10!

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