Yardley London Lace body lotion and body spray

Hi all! So today I decided to review affordable fragrance products. I was on the hunt to look for alternatives to higher end fragrance products which I will able to use almost every day.

Firstly and the most important factor when choosing a fragrance is which scent are you most attracted to. This fragrance smell seems to suit people who prefer light and fresh notes. There’s a hint of a powder note that does come through. It’s almost suitable for women who has a romantic soul and all things pretty and most definitely who enjoys a delicate and light smell.

I bought the lotion with the body spray because it is known that a lotion helps to intensify the smell of the fragrance and increases the longevity of the scent.

What I noticed is that if I used the lotion by itself it lasted about two hours maximum. Same went for the body spray. However I didn’t expect it to last that long since it was a body spray. However when these products are used together it seemed to make the scent last longer. For me it lasted for about four hours before fading away.

I’m still on the face about these products. I feel like I should play around with these products to see how it will work. However it’s really affordable with the body lotion which R37.00 and the body spray costs R49.95. The prices may vary at different retail shops.

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