Palladio’s 4 EVER + EVER Primers review

So before, I hardly ever used primers  and I’m so glad I recently started.  Not only has it helped keep my makeup in place but improved my skincare game!

A makeup primer is basically as the name suggests, it’s a product that prepares your skin for foundation or other products. I know some people who use moisturers or even serums as a primer which works completely fine for them. The most popular primers are the ones that are and that are silicone-based which are know to provide the skin with a smooth feeling. It’s best to apply a primer as the last step in your skin care routine for optimal results. There are different primers for different skin types, so please read the label before purchasing and see what will agree with your skin.

The products that I will be reviewing today is the PALLADIO setting spray and ultra hydration moisturizing primer!



One of the main reasons I thoroughly enjoyed using this product was because it had instantly smoothed out my skin and filled in my pores in certain areas.  It made applying my foundation on top of it so smoothly and effortlessly. It also took a quick time to dry down. After a long day it didn’t separate my foundation or give it a cakey look. I especially love using this with my matte foundations as it does provide a little dewy look. This product retails for R225.


This product is primarily formulated with aloe and green tea. It instantly hydrates and deeply invigorates the skin. I like the fact that it has an ultra-fine moisturizing mist and feels very refreshing when applied to the face. It’s 100ml size makes it easy to travel on the go and can be easily applied almost anywhere. This product retails for R165.

These products can be purchased from Dis-Chem pharmacies.

*These products were sent to me, however all opinions formulated are my own.

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