Oh So Heavenly Lovely in Lace Review

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I know recently I haven’t been posting content but I’m finally back. Today I’ll be reviewing a really awesome brand which is famously known for their heavenly smelling beauty products.

Oh so heavenly had kindly sent me their new range lovely in lace to try out. I have already tried out many of their ranges, especially their body washes, so I was excited to get the chance to review these products.
The lovely in lace range is apart of their fragrant feelings collection that contains an enchanting fragrance blend of fresh jasmine ,delicate apple blossom and luminous rose.

Body wash and body lotion

Both of the body wash and body lotion provides moisture and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. I love the smell that it leaves in my bathroom after every use. After I use the body wash , I then apply the body lotion for intense hydration. These products come in a 375ml.

Hand cream:

This hand cream has been my go to whenever my hands are dry and what I have been recently carrying everywhere with me! I have used other hand creams from other oh so heavenly ranges and they all do an amazing job at keeping my hands smooth and hydrated for the whole time. I love that it comes in a 75ml making it especially easy to travel everywhere.

Body mist:

This was probably the first product that caught my eye when I opened my package. I love to use this especially when I go the gym. It is something light and easy to wear and lasts throughout my gym session. It is so convenient to travel everywhere with and comes in an 150ml .

Eau de toilette fragrance:

This is a sophisticated and elegant scent. Its such an elegant and light scent that smells heavenly! Even though EDPs are known to last longer than EDTs,this fragrance lasted 6 hours on me. I will definitely be purchasing this when it finishes. This fine fragrance collection is available in a 50 ml.

I will definitely recommend this range to everyone! I’m almost done with the body wash and lotion and I will definitely repurchase soon.

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