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4 ways that I use Aquaphor

I have purchased this product about 3 times before and I can’t believe that I have not done a review as it. I feel like this product is not hyped enough and it should be. Anyways let’s get straight to this post

  1. As a highlighter
    Sometimes using makeup highlighters can be too harsh on the skin and doesn’t offer that natural glow! Most of the time and I’m on the rush and need a product that is within my hands reach. I apply this on my high cheek points after applying moisturizing. It’s definitely lasts all day and gives that natural glow from within.

2. As Mascara

This is a trick that I have been doing for years! Not only it makes it seem like I applied a coat of mascara it keeps my lashes healthy and moisturized.

  1. Lip tint
    I use this and mix in a little red lipstick in order to achieve that rosy lip tint. My lips are moisturized and I get rosy lip finish. This is my go to when after my lips are left dry from using matte lipsticks.

4.  On my eyebrows
I use this when I sometimes shape my eyebrows. I feel like it softens the hair strand and makes it easier to pluck my eyebrows.

I definitely will repurchase this product. This is one of my favorite multiuse products and will recommend it to everyone.

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