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Affordable highlighter? Wet n Wild Megaglow.

Wet n Wild is such an amazing brand that creates affordable makeup with really great quality! Their megaglow highlighting powder in precious petals definitely can match up to a higher end highlighter and works so amazing on all skin tones.

I purchased this like a year ago and the quality has remained the same. I remember that this shade was so hard to get but I finally found it and made my purchase without any hesitation. Even up till now they seem hard to find but if you do see it, I suggest that you buy it immediately.

The formula of this product is absolutely stunning. It has this creamy formula that glides effortlessly on the skin. It does have some shimmer flecks to it but it is almost so natural. It’s does have that chunky feel to it.
This shade appears like a light bronze on my skin tone and I always seem to reach onto it when I apply makeup.

This is such a affordable product that does a better job compared to the other high end highlighters that I have tried. Have you tried this product before?


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