Sorbet long wear nail polishes-worth the buy?

Sorbet has been a well established brand in South Africa and I’m quite shocked that I have only tried their nail products.

I think the main reason that I was attracted to Sorbet’s nail polishes was because of their wide range of colors. They had the pastel and neutral colors that I’m always so attracted to. Apart from that, I’m always on the hunt for long lasting nail polishes.

My take on the product :

Firstly it has a square tip brush that takes some time to get used when compared to the usual oval shaped brushes that comes with nail polishes. The nail polish applies seamlessly onto the nails without any streaks. I like that when you apply the first layer, it is already so pigmented that sometimes I don’t even have to apply a second layer. The lasting power on this is so amazing. I usually get about 3-4 days of wear before it starts chipping. This product also comes in a mini size but I have noticed that it’s only with selected colors.

The only con that I have on this product that it does take some time to dry. Other than that it’s quite affordable and retails for R93 for the 15ml and R30 for the 5ml.

You can purchase their products from clicks.

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