5 reasons why being self-hosted is actually good

So I was blogging for quite some time before I actually decided to go self-hosted. I felt like I needed to step up with my blogging and I felt it was a well needed change. Here’s my reasons why I decided to go self-hosted.

1.You have full control over your blog.
I think this was one of the main reasons that I decided to go self-hosted. I wanted to own the content that I put out. I wanted to own my domain name, content and the traffic my blog was generating. With free blogs, you don’t have the opportunity to own your content and if the blog platform you use crashes you might not be able to recover your content easily.

2.You can customize the look of your website.
You also have this option on your free blog but it’s very limited. Now having my own website, there are so many themes available to me and so many ways that I can customize my theme to the way I like it. The options are endless.

3.Use of plugins
I didn’t even know plugins existed until I became self-hosted. Plugins allow you to set up your website the way you want and let me tell you it’s a game changer! A common plugin used by self-hosted bloggers is an email newsletter sign up forms which can help inform their readers about the blog posts they upload. Basically you wouldn’t have this option available on your free blog.

4.You look more professional.
The good thing about being self-hosted is that you also get to choose your domain name. Having a com. or just makes your blog name seem more professional. Certain self-hosting services let you have your domain free for the first year that you sign up.

5. You can monetize your blog
If you are looking to make money from your blog it’s a really good idea to go self-hosted. By displaying ads on your blog you can earn money which a free blog doesn’t allow you to.

Whether you decide to go self-hosted or not, you should ask yourself what you really want from your blog. You can always start from a free blog and make your way up. See what works for you before making your decision.

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