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Pixi retinol toner – Not actually worth the buy.

I have written a review about the product before but my thoughts on this has changed. Initially I had loved using this product but with continued use my skin didn’t quite react well.

This product claims:
It has time-release Retinol which is supposed to reduce fine lines and  smooth complexion. It also contains peptides to firm the skin and boost collagen production. It has jasmine flower which heals and balances.

When I first started using this product my skin reacted well with it. I definitely felt my skin smoother and a slight glow to my complexion. This product can be used day and night but I only used this at night because I knew retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Also I really liked how it hydrated my skin was and it appeared slightly plumper.

I stopped using it for a few months and then came back to using it. However, the results were not the same. My skin felt so textured and I started getting these small pimples around my chin. My skin lacked the glow that it once had. I thought maybe it was the moisturizer that I was using was probably not reacting well with the toner so I changed it to another product and I still had the same effect. My skin was still textured.

I don’t think I’ll make another purchase of this. My skin doesn’t feel great and it might take a whole month to get it back to normal.

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