How I increased my engagement on Instagram

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I thought I should definitely share my progress on Instagram ever since I started my new account. I think it’s a great idea to share my tips and how worked on my Instagram. I’m not an expert but these things did help me and always looking for new ways to grow my Instagram.

1.Post consistently
In the past I was bad with this but as of recently I have noticed that posting consistently does bring more visitors to my IG. I guess this shows your followers that you are committed and loyal to them and the product/service/brand. I honestly enjoy when my favorite bloggers post new content on IG so I thought I definitely need to be more invested in my work!

2.Use quality pictures
I have noticed that people like good things and if the picture looks good they will click onto your profile. I always make sure to take out my pictures where there is a light source which makes the picture look ten times better!

3.Use hashtags
This works sometimes for me. I have noticed that some hashtags to bring people to my profile ND sometimes they don’t. You just have to work out which hashtags to use according to your niche. However, just be careful as certain hashtags are banned and your pictures won’t be seen. For example I used to use #beautyblogger but that doesn’t really work for me now as it is banned and my content is not really seen.

4.Engage with your followers
I always make sure to reply to the people who comment on my post. Even if it’s with an emoji or with a simple thank you. I sometimes forget to reply to DMs but I’m working on that now!

5.Be patient
There can be so many tips to help and sometimes it can become really overwhelming to keep up with all those tips. Your account will definitely grow if you put in the effort. I’m also still learning the different tricks to Instagram and the various apps that can be used for it.

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Hope everyone has a great day!

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