Eden perfumes review

So I have been a fan of various fragrances but they are quite pricey for those luxurious scents. However, there are numerous companies that make these same scents at affordable prices. 

Eden Perfumes makes highly quality generic perfumes at affordable prices. Their perfumes are matched to the originals by expert perfumers in Grasse, France and are not affiliated to the original names and brands. Customers can use their perfume list as a reference to original names when purchasing. 

I decided to purchase a fresh scent from Eden Perfumes that was inspired by the famous DKNY be delicious. I don’t have a specific scent that I am attracted to because sometimes I prefer those sweet scents to the fresh ones. It honestly depends on my mood and what I’m wearing. 

This product that I purchased has :
Accords: Fruity, Green Aquatic, Ozonic and Fresh.
Notes: Green Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Woodsy Notes, Tuberose, Violet

I think it is important to mention that the packaging is so gorgeous. I definitely love the minimalistic sleek packaging of the bottle. It just has that expensive feel to it. I prefer this to the usual DKNY apple looking bottle which sometimes makes it hard to spray out the product. With the Eden perfumes bottle, I had no problem spraying the scent. 

Now about the product :

I feel the scent is pretty much similar to  the DKNY be delicious. It smells like the usual citrus and woody notes that the be Delicious has. It had lasted about 5-6 hours before wearing off. I would say that is pretty good since it is a fresh scent. It’s definitely long lasting and it smells so amazing. 

I’m already planning on making a purchase soon for me and my sisters!

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