Happy Earth people Chickpea and Red lentil Fusilli Pasta

Have you ever heard of pasta been made purely of chickpeas or even red lentils?

Generally pasta is very high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the bloodstream, which causes a rise in blood sugar. SHOCKING !!

Well Happy Earth people makes their pastas with 100% of Chickpeas and 100% Red lentils and is handmade. This serves as a more healthier option as compared to high carb or wheat based counterparts. Due to the high fiber and protein in chickpeas and red lentils you are left satiated while being gluten free.  Chickpeas have twice the protein and four times the fiber of regular pasta with much lesser carbs.  Red lentils have good sources of natural protein and has a indistinguishable taste to regular pasta. Red lentils supplies vitamins and nutrients to our diet.

Taste : Even though the fusilli pastas were different in taste to white flour pasta, we feel it is just as delicious as white flour pasta. We loved the taste and the texture of the chickpea and red lentil pasta.


  • 1 x box of chickpea fusilli pasta (250g) – R49.00
  • 1 x box of red lentil fusilli pasta (250g) – R49.00
  • 6 x box of chickpea fusilli pasta (250g) – R270.00
  • 6 x box of red lentil fusilli pasta (250g) – R270.00

These pastas are healthy, easy to make and definitely not time consuming with a cook time of only 6 minutes. This helps people who are in a rush or had a strenuous day and are tired to make a meal.

Overall we loved how delicious this tasted and at the same time how nutritious it is at an affordable price too!

If you look for a much healthy version of pasta to eat then definitely purchase your fusilli pasta from Happy Earth people.

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